Ben is a mythologist and writer cultivating an ongoing life-long love of story, myth, and psychology. He is passionately involved in ritual, rites of passage, psychodrama, and storytelling. His mythic interests include Greek mythology, Native American story, European Fairy Tale, and Hindu epic literature. He has a wide variety of experience having worked in diverse fields such as commercial fishing, construction, U.S. Air Force, Investment Banking, and for the past 24 years as a Fire Fighter in Seattle and is a current member of the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team. Ben is adjunct faculty at Antioch University Seattle and holds his PhD in Mythological Studies with and Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Ben has participated in and led a variety of workshops and conferences. He has assisted and taught at the Minnesota Men’s Conference as a featured Storyteller since 2013. Ben has also been a featured storyteller and teacher with veteran’s groups dedicated to addressing “the emotional, moral, and spiritual wounds of veterans, their families and communities.”  Over the past 18-years Ben has facilitated rites of passage events for young men, and mentored in the work place and in his community, and currently offers storytelling and drum making workshops through the “Rights of Passage Journey’s” foundation in Seattle.

“With a life-long fascination in literature, myth, and story I recognize that teaching is a vital part of individual growth, community support and resiliency, and understanding society. I believe it is crucial to engage the imagination in startling and fresh ways. We have survived and thrived countless generations through oral tradition, self-reliance, dedication to community, and the archetypal desire to share what we have learned with future generations. My intention is to learn and teach in whatever way I am able.”



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